Honor killing 46 years old woman was killed in Mahabad.

According to reports, Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on Monday 29 May 2017, in the village of “Khanagi ” in the five km from the city of Mahabad 46 years old woman was killed in her home.

The report said the killer to the scene and the victim stolen gold was trying to steal the show cause of death but after four days of Iran’s Islamic Republic security forces in Mahabad person who was the murder victim brother arrested Killer 38 years after the arrest by police of killing the sister of 46 years old admitted, and the police chief Islamic Republic of Mahabad the press said that honor killings and detainee confessed, after the confessed killer is released on bail.

Crimes of honor or honor killings to the violence and murder of women is often called a family at the hands of their male relatives. These women are punished due to dishonor their family’s honor. The stigma various cases include the refusal of forced marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, divorce, even a couple improper relationship with the opposite sex. For the individual victims of crimes of honor, just believed that she has squandered the family’s honor enough.

According to Article 630 Islamic criminal law if the man his wife in bed with the man Barbarian view and knowledge of the subservient wife, could at the same time they kill and if the woman is an abomination, only men can kill. Assault warrant in this case as murder. This legal principle is based on the traditions of Shia fatwas of scholars in the field. Of course, in this situation, however, a person is guilty or not guilty.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association