Hassan Rastgari Majd charges to three months in prison and 20 lashes and 20 lashes sentence was implemented.

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Thursday 1 June 2017, a kurdish political prisoner “Hassan Rastgari Majd” and incarcerated Orumieh from East Kurdistan charged with disturbing the prison by Branch 104 of the Criminal Court Orumieh three months in prison and 20 lashes in Orumieh prison sentence of 20 lashes was implemented.

This kurdish political prisoner, Hassan Rastgari Majd in the other case of the same charges by Branch 107 of the Penal Court 2 Orumieh sentenced to 50 lashes issued that actually charge two cases separately in two different branches of the criminal court against the political prisoner is made and a total of nine months in prison and 70 lashes sentence.

Plaintiff filed a this political prisoner, prison officials Orumieh “Hussein Gharabaghi” is, and because of the demands of the prisoners did not the prison for the beating and imprisonment by the authorities has been making solo records.

Hassan Rastgari Majd , the citizens living in the city of Orumieh on 27 October 2014, on charges of “supporting the resistance Kobani protests” in the city of Orumieh with at least 15 other civilians were arrested by the security forces.

He later transferred to the central prison of Orumieh and the orders of prison officials to paragraphs 3 and 4 are transferred and spent about a year in this paragraph and later to ward psychotherapy, drug crimes prisoners was transferred. This political prisoners in September 2015, of the city Orumieh Revolutionary Court on charges including “disturbing public order”, “acting against national security” and “membership of the PKK”, “illegal stay in the country” and “propaganda against the in the prison system, “a total of 19 years in prison and the sentences were later confirmed on appeal in again.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association