Waste residue and burn people protest Kamyaran and Sanandaj brought.

According to reports of human rights in Kurdistan, smoke from the burning of rubbish and solid waste Kamyaran site,protest rural and urban areas in the vicinity of the site are brought rubbish.

This site and other sites for non-normative and non standard garbage collection in the nearby towns and villages and the Kurdistan East and by burning these wastes, the spread of diseases and environmental challenges skirt attack.

The non normativeactions by municipalities ruled that an entity does not pay attention to environmental warnings.

In this framework and other news of city of Sanandaj Kurdistan East, garbage disposal in the city for non standard a cause for concern and dissatisfaction  villages of Kelek, Serenjianeh and Cheno the citizens of these regions are demanding an investigation by authorities to these problems.

According to researches made, burning garbage and plastics, dioxins produced the deadliest gas, although not exist in nature, but we are responsible for its production, and we must realize that waste incineration serious risks as well and with dioxin pollution, the problem of cancer also shaped as well as waste incineration equals the environmental pollution that will ultimately swiped humans.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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