Strike exporters to new customs tariff

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , exporters border market “Mehran” in East Kurdistan against the new customs tariffs on strike.

During the announcement of the new rates of the customs border market, Exporters in active in the export sector, for 3 days against rate hikes scales, forklift and cost of freight and uncertainty in the transportation of goods in the market international border (Mehran) strike have.

Also drivers carry these loads seeking out loads customs are also strike and this protest because of the problems they have created.

It should be noted that these people a few days ago and despite extreme heat and neglect of Iranian officials in the customs Mehran, are grappling with these problems.

Executive Vice President Ilam economic sector has already announced that during discussions on the 2015, Custom Tariffs and increase is due to dissatisfaction with the exporters, have not been implemented.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association