Residential Build schools villages of Bukan in East Kurdistan

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association to cite Hrana, Ahmad Rahmani, head of education Bukan in East Kurdistan announced that due to the exhaustion of the old and the 8 schools and 12 classrooms in the villages affiliated to this city, seek replacement schools the containers are.

According to the report, Ahmad Rahmani at a meeting with reporters said that 8 schools 12 classrooms in the city of Bukan wear and of failure and the need for modernization, as well as in the villages of subsidiaries as well as 11 schools Shelter there, while 8 rural schools have been destroyed and 12 school was created to Collapsible the villages.

These are two shifts of schools Bukan as a huge problem called and said to one shift them to 37 schools with 420 classrooms, and many students Bukani density (26%) and for the stated figure out the center (40%) is.

It should be noted that East Kurdistan Apart from the lack of officials of the Islamic Republic in education, it is possible to grow and learn from other geographical regions of Iran at the lowest level and this benevolent East Kurdistan involved in the Build and modernization of training centers to help citizens.

East Kurdistan example of poverty than other parts of Iran that even students of the of poverty and destitute and finishes higher education, have jobs precarious Colbert hawkers work or travel close and to the cities and countries outside the East Kurdistan migration, while non-indigenous forces are working in offices and organizations.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association