Orumieh justice denied rehearing six Kurdish political prisoners

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, in the past few days, Justice Orumieh city of East Kurdistan, request for retrial provided by lawyers rejected mentioned six political prisoner in prison.

According to the report, the Supreme Court after 6 months review the case without holding a hearing and summon witnesses, filed a writ Criminal Court Miyandoab that upheld the family and lawyers of the six political prisoners to request a retrial in the past weeks with officials of the Justice Orumieh meeting security experts but they push the institutions of justice, this question has been rejected.

In the fall of 93, Kamal Ahmadnejad, the prime suspect, along with five other citizen from the “village Gavmishgeli” of city functions Miyandoab named “Halmat Abdollahi, ” Soleyman Carrie”, “Milad Abdi”, “Saeed Seyai” and “Mostafa Tahahzadeh “after the assassination of a member of the Basij called” Hashem Zeynali “detained for 6 months in the cells individual information administration Urmia interrogated under torture for the televised confessions were, and from the Ministry of intelligence document of about 400 pages in while lawyers and families of prisoners based on evidence and witnesses they are innocent, but the same judgment the Supreme Court The criminal court had approved.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the Declaration of Human Rights, which Iran is a signatory to the Declaration said: Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right until proved guilty according to law in a trial open to all his rights to defend himself is guaranteed to be presumed innocent. But the Islamic Republic of Iran by security forces, arbitrary and without any court accused of resorting to torture and forced confessions from detainees under the most extreme pressures, which is in itself a gross violation of human rights and in this regard the prisoners in the main session branch a criminal court mentioned the presence of three judges, dismissed his accusations, confessions obtained under torture had announced.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association