Construction of new prisons in East Kurdistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoting Mehr news agency that received, officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran in “Islamabad West” functions Kermanshah in East Kurdistan Province, plans to build a new prison in the city.

The report and according to the Governor of the province’s prisons Kermanshah”Mansour Biglari” build a new prison in the city of Islamabad Gharb considers it necessary.

Biglari stated: Regarding the allocation of funds by the until mid 2018 a new prison buildings will be designed and built in Islamabad.

According to Mehr news agency quoted government officials said the increase in number of prisoners in order to foster security and reform criminals, especially those (political) and prepare the environment is to enable and return them to society.

Rulers and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the past two decades due to the repressive policies and also with regard to the pressures of growing economic and cultural destruction of the sovereignty to the people of Iran, especially Kurdish nation in East Kurdistan problems and abnormal numerous social for people to give have, on increasing the number of victims has increased social problems.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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