Two teenage Kolbar were injured in Nowsud border areas

On Saturday, April 30, 2022, five Kolbars were Murdered and wounded, two of them were teenagers, in a direct fire attack by Iranian Border Regiment forces in Nowsud.

It should be noted that the identities of the Murdered and wounded Kolbars are as follows;

  1. Safar Sobhani is married and has two children from Paveh (Murdered)
  2. Mobin Hamedi, 27, from Dasheh village, Paveh province
  3. Farshid Ghaderizadeh, 27, from Dasheh village, Paveh province (his condition is reported to be serious and he was taken to a medical center for treatment and underwent surgery)
  4. Farhad Minaei, 15 years old. from Salas Babajani
  5. Ramin Bavajani 16 years old, from Salas Babajani

It is worth mentioning that, this morning, Saturday, April 30th, the Border Regiment of the Iranian government opened fire on group of Kolbars in Nowsud without prior notice.