The continuity of fire forests and rangelands in east Kurdistan and the widespread destruction of the environment

According to reports to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, about two acres of fires that occurred around 10 night, about one hectare and half of livestock from the rangeland and forests of the suburb of Sarmest and the region of Mela Nay in the Heidariya district of the Gilan Gharb East of Kurdistan tere has been burning fire.

Yesterday, half a hectare of forest meadows in the Mela Nay region from the Gilan Gharb district there wasa fire  , and the fire was immediately restrained by the timely presence of people and nature lovers after 2 hours of effort was controlled.

In the wake of recent fires in eastern Kurdistan, quoting the statements, Head of the Department of Natural Resources Paveh announced:

At 9:30 am on Saturday 22 July 2017, about three hectars of forest rangelands in the Laran area functions of Bayangan have been fire , which in cooperation with the people of the region and environmental lovers was controlled.

It should be noted that due to these fires about 3 hectares of pastures in the city of “Paveh”, about one and a half hectares of rangelands and  forests around city in the “Sarmast” and “Mela Ney” in the village of Heidarieh from the functions of the Gilan Gharb, and 1000 hectares of rangelands and forests of the “Kousalan” area burned out of the city of Marivan in eastern Kurdistan.

Last year, in the case of 28 fires, 500 hectares of Gilan Gharb pastures and forests were destroyed and, according to internal sources, more than 30 billion rials were damaged.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association