The issuance of a prison sentence, whipping and fines for a fisherman in “Lorestan”

According to a report from Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today,22 July 2017 a fisherman from Delfan the Lourestan province in eastern Kurdistan, whose identity is unknown, is charged with catching unauthorized fish for one year in prison, 74 lashes and one million tomans of cash fines Condemned.

According to the report of the Director General of Environmental Protection of Lorestan, the fishery file was referred by the Department of the Environment to the Justice Department of Delfan, after which he was sentenced by the legal representative of the administration.

It should be noted that the people of East Kurdistan have turned to various kinds of jobs because of lack of work and in order to obtain their needs, and the source of citizens’ income is through fishing, handicrafts, carrier, etc., while in various ways Under the pressure of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military forces, they have been confronted by the killing of their daily lives and the seizure of their property and in terms of carrier the killing of their livestock, or in the above case, with a whip, a fine and a prison, which, in accordance with the International Covenant of unhuman,whip and execution is prohibited.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association