Continuity fire of Zagros forests and pastures in east Kurdistan and widespread environmental degradation

Reports of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and the persistence of widespread fires in the Zagros forests, pastures and forests in the Henjiran village (around the border hong turret) and the Markhil and Dorolah areas of the Paveh province in eastern Kurdistan burned in the fire.

The reports from local sources indicate the severity of fires in these areas, due to the severity of these areas, there is no possibility of fire extinguishing by citizens and environmentalists, and should be equipped with advanced equipment such as helicopters, firefighting helicopters to be used So far, these devices have not been in the direction of (curbing fire) in eastern Kurdistan, and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s troops have not taken any appropriate action in this regard, so these were the people themselves and environmentalists who have been shutting down. These fires have contributed.

It should be noted that due to these fires about 3 hectares of pastures in the city of “Paveh” about one and a half hectares of rangelands and forests of the suburb of “Sarmat” and “Mela Nay” area in the Heidarieh district of the Gilan-Gharb and 1000 The hectares of rangelands and forests of the “Kousalan” region were burned at the site of the city of Marivan in eastern Kurdistan.

Last year, in the case of 28 fires, 500 hectares of Gilan Gharb pastures and forests were destroyed and, according to internal sources, more than 30 billion rials had been damaged.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association