Shangal has been exposed to another massacre


Condemning the continuation of the Iraqi central government’s attacks on the Shangal region in southern Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association calls on the international community to fulfill its commitment to the continued peace and security of the citizens of Shangal.

The Iraqi central government, which left Shangal defenseless in 2014 and paved the way for its occupation by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Dae’sh), which led to the massacre of thousands of Iyzadi Kurds and the enslavement of women, is now once again in the region. Has targeted Kurdistan.

The Iraqi government’s attacks on Shangal come as the people of the region have formed a self-governing body and have been able to do well despite all the threats posed to them by Iraq and Turkey.

At the same time as the Iraqi government’s attacks, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Nadim groups, instead of condemning the Iraq attacks, targeted the people and self-government of Shangal, their military forces and their parties, and along with the occupiers of Kurdistan, other Kurdish parties They call it “terrorist”.
The Kurdistan Human Rights Association strongly condemns the attacks of the Iraq government and calls on the government of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KRG) to respond to these military and media attacks against our society in Shangal and to stop them.

At the same time, we call for transparency and an apology from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and its affiliates in the face of media attacks on the Shangal Defense Forces, and we urge them to resolve internal disputes through dialogue and diplomacy.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association