Ilam province has the highest suicide rate

Ilam Province, one of the provinces of eastern Kurdistan, has the highest suicide rate at political geography Iran.

According to reports from the Kurdistan human rights Association, the high rates of suicide in the governorate have been the reason for various research in this regard, with the result that they are more likely to face economic problems and unemployment among those who commit suicide.

In one of the newspapers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ilam province has been the first in the list of Ilam in suicide in Iran and self-immolation in the world and has led to the implementation of the research project “Locating suicide in Ilam province” in the past few years.

According to the results of this project, the highest rate of suicide was observed in the cities of Ivan and Darreh Shahr, and the lowest was in Dehloran and Mehran.

Ali Mousa Nejad, a member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University of Ilam, who is the speaker of this project, has said that the average age of suicide attempts in Ilam Province has been 25 years old, which is, in the cities of Ilam, Ivan and Abdanan, is younger than average. The average student’s degree has also increased to the point where even holders of associate degrees, undergraduate, postgraduate or even medical staff share a significant share of the action.

It should be noted that in the same connection, Mohammad Reza Morvarid, the Provincial Governor of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the province of Ilam, has said that Ilam has the highest suicide rate in the country.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association