The HDP representative to defend the historical work with chains closed himself.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the representative of the People’s Democratic People’s Party HDP of Ilih, due to the destruction and annihilation of the historic “Heskif” by the Turkish government, is in the front of this historic site in order to protest against this destruction closed himself with chains.

Today, “Mohammad Ali Aslan”, the representative of the Ilih HDP, to demonstrate the protest and his closure link to the destruction of the historic sites of the Heskif using the dynamite made by the Turkish government to construct the dam.

Aslan remarked on this protest movement: the authorities do not have historical knowledge, the destruction of a historical work with a dynamite like a dagger on our chest and before any blast, here, this dagger breaks our breasts. Aslan said: Destruction and explosion of the historical Heskif works of the sensual with the intellect are in conflict. The HDP representative also said that he did not protest such a move as a parliamentary representative and HDP representative, but as a lover and in defence of Heskif, he was protesting such a protest and by chasing himself at the site exploded by the Turkish government.During the preparation of this report, Mohammad Ali Aslan continues his protest movement.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association