Confiscated and prohibit all editions of books educational the Kurdish language in Khurasan

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Mashhad Intelligence Office of the book to teach the Kurdish language was written and published by several authors Kurdish Khurasan seized.

News nnsroj in a statement that was published in Khurasan Razavi book of 100 pages with effort authors names: Jawad Ali Nia, Abbas Esmaeili, Mohammad Taghavi, Mehdi Jafarzadeh, to teach writing and reading Kurdish with the draw Latin script was written and published. Department of Information Mashhad (Khurasan) argued that the Latin alphabet by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party is cultivated, the book banned and the publishing and reading and selling it despite the fact that licenses its release by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had been issued, banned.

All authorities involved in a number of authors and publishing this book are summoned and warned them to writing and publishing in Kurdish language, do not use the Latin alphabet, Such a collision with the publication of the book by Mashhad information that has had encountered persecution, discontent and publication of an open letter by a group of kurdish writers and poets that followed Khurasan and it called a tragic event in geography.

This behavior Information Mashhad while the propaganda presidential election in Iran, Ebrahim Raisi as custodian of Astan Quds Razavi Khurasan and one of the elected Iranian presidential election was about speaking Kurdish was told that the language Kurdish God has given them, and no one can the right not to be deprived of them.

The Kurds of Khurasan and the Kurdish language and dialect Kurmanji speak from tribe to glory and tribes of the present province of Orumieh are in the Safavid era by force the lands of Khurasan forced to immigrate and more cities (Quchan, Saravan, Chenaran and Esferayen ) reside and probably more than one million people and has been committed to the preservation and development of culture and originality are Kurdish.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association