Every day is mine victims in East Kurdistan.

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association 22 May 2017, on the border between East and South Kurdistan, near the city of Piranshahr, landmines left over from the Iran Iraq war causing injury intense citizen of Kurdish and because of the severity of injury Urmia Motahari hospital was transferred.

“Abdullah Nobakht ” 50 years old from the city of Piranshahr in East Kurdistan is named this afternoon for hiking in the mountains around the city goes but mine faced and seriously wounded and while the possibility of losing one of his legs has been reported .

It should be noted that due to the 8 years Iran Iraq border areas of East Kurdistan contaminated million mines have been planted and now, and after 30 years of devastating war, the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the pretext of the presence of the Kurdish, cleaning mine-affected areas and refuses to see every day landmine victims are civilians Kurdish Kurdistan East.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association