Sardashti woman killed by brother in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Saturday 20 May 2017, a woman named ” Sheno Moein ” from Sardasht, who is married and has a son, a brother named (Shwaneh Moein ) the pretext of honor, shot dead was.

It should be noted that family disputes and social problems in East Kurdistan constantly disasters brought culture and male dominated society the most harm to women and where men women not as worthy to live in the community, self expression and fears of patriarchal rule promoted by the government, led to the disintegration of families and the collapse of the foundation of society, namely women play the most important role in it, is.

It is much speculation that the Islamic Republic of Iran is no protection of women are not even women’s rights defenders are able to follow up their demands are not forced women no choice but to silence and surrender against the ruling patriarchal display, while the the family is not only frowned upon, but they also are not supported.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association