Golaleh Moradi is still under arrest

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, despite 6 months of detention, Golaleh Moradi is still in the Iranian government’s prison in the city of Urmia and she is undecided
Galaleh Moradi, a resident of Piranshahr, was denied to access a lawyer during her detention and no court hearing has been held for her. she was also pressured to make forced confessions during her detention.
It should be noted that Golaleh Moradi was arrested on Saturday, April 17, 2021, along with her two children, and was transferred to one of Iran’s security detention centers in the city of Urmia for interrogation. Ms.Moradi’s children were released after the interrogation.
This citizen was transferred from the IRGC intelligence detention center in Urmia to prison in June of this year after completing the interrogation process.