Acid pouring on three people in Ilam

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report,on Tuesday 18 July 2017, in Ilam city east Kurdistan an unknown man was sprayed on acid in three people, who have been reported to be seriously injured.

According to an informed source, a Pride vehicle stops in front of a merchadise store and then, after entering the shop, the owner of the shop and two others are acid sprayed, then the offender is a fugitive.

It has been argued that financial disputes and failure to pay bills to sellers were the cause of spill acid accident. It is worth noting that the crisis and economic crisis in Iran, as well as in eastern Kurdistan, have become extremely deep and devastating, in such a way that destructive and destructive effects of this phenomenon can be observed in all areas of Iranian societies. However, despite the fact that the East of Kurdistan has been multiplied several times more, it has caused problems and problems that arise from the economic poverty of the people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association