The teenager from Saqez ended her life by hanging himself

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today, 18 July 2017, an adolescent girl whose identity has just been undefined, 16 years old and resident in the town of Daneshgah city of Saqez of East Kurdistan, ended her life by hanging up.

It should be noted that in the oppressed community of east Kurdistan, Kurdish women were under great pressure under the influence of the patriarchal misconduct imposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and these social, economic, political and traditional social pressures increased disappointment and illness Mental-psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and lack of health of Kurdish women have made. And since there is no sense of responsibility and lack of government performance in East Kurdistan, since the beginning of this revolution, the women’s suicide rate has risen steadily and the government itself completely disregarded this human disaster.

Every day, it adds up to the size of this humanitarian catastrophe. According to statistics released by the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Association, since the beginning of this year, there have been 15 suicides in women and 19 cases in men.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association