A female activist on the verge of deportation

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights association, Hana Nasour, a female political activist from East Kurdistan who is the niece of Farhad Vakili, a executed political activist, is in danger of deportation.
Hanah Nasour is a female political activist who applied for asylum at the Swedish Migration Board in December 2015, but her application has been rejected three times so far. The first time by the Swedish Migration Board (migrationsverket), the second time by the Migration Court (migrationsverket domstol) and the third time by the Swedish Supreme Court (migrationsverketsöver domstol).
According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Hanah Nasour has only twice been allowed to defend her political asylum application. However, despite having a lawyer, the Swedish Asylum Court and the Swedish Supreme Court have denied his defense and have not accepted any of his complaints and left them unanswered.

Hana Nasour was born in East Kurdistan and lived in Sanandaj (Sna) until she was 18 years old. But because his father is a Faili from southern Kurdistan and an Iraq’s citizen, he was never granted Iranian residency by the Iranian government.
She has been a women’s rights activist in East Kurdistan, and at the same time, because She is Farhad Vakili’s niece, her family have always been under pressure from the Iranian government. Finally, in 2011, Hanah and her family left East Kurdistan for southern Kurdistan under pressure from Iranian government intelligence forces in Sanandaj.
While living in southern Kurdistan, Hanah continues to work against the Islamic Republic of Iran. For this reason, the comfort of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the city of Duhok and later in Sulaimaniyah was initially monitored by the police, and they had difficulty staying. Hanah receives Iraqi citizenship there because of her father, but despite being an Iraqi resident, she has always been under the supervision and pressure of the KRG security forces and has been in danger of death. Finally, Hanah and her family left for Europe in 2015 and took refuge in Sweden.
In Sweden, Hanah continues her activities against the government of Iran and protests against the Kurdistan Regional Government while applying for political asylum. After several years of waiting, Hanah has finally been rejected three times by the Swedish government.
It is worth mentioning that Hana’s wife is a political activist in East Kurdistan and applied for asylum at the same time as Hanah. The Swedish Asylum Office has granted Hanah’s wife a conditional residence permit, but has denied Hanah this right.
The Swedish Migration Board is trying to deport Hanah to southern Kurdistan, but her life is in danger in southern Kurdistan.


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