Arrest of 10 carrier (innocent civilians) in Oraman, East of Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Saturday 12 August 2017, 10 Kurdish carrier was arrested by a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s police force.

According to the kmmk report, a noncommissioned officer called “Afradeh” at one of the” hamah” valley stations arrested 10 carrier carrying walnut, cigar and lemon bars, and their property was seized as a booty, and in this context it was reported that the situation and The fate of this carrier is not known.

It should be noted that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through the IRGC and the police has imposed a double pressure on the carrier and Kurdish businessmen in eastern Kurdistan, and, apart from having killed or wounded dozens of carrier with a direct shot, their property They also confiscate them and then fined them for cash.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association