Three thousand and forty-eight times East Kurdistan Workers’ rights have been violated.

Kurdish workers under dual oppression of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the root cause of these problems and their apparent human rights violations based on political vision and the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is space available in communities and cities in East Kurdistan.

In the same period Rapporteur of the Human Rights Kurdistan According to the annual tradition on the first of May(1 May),  International Workers’ Day, according to figures by documentary media reported in connection with the events of workers in the year 2016, in the cities of East Kurdistan has prepared the in short, it declares that:

In 2016,  three thousand and forty-eight times rights workers has been ignored and while these statistics only cases registered in the Kurdistan Human Rights Association refers and because of the censorship of government and prevent news of human rights violations, the population believes that violations of workers’ rights is far more than the figure mentioned.

About 2944 dismissal workers , occupational accidents, 24 accidents, suicides dozens of workers, 73 workers’ protests and detained and imprisoned more than 19 activists in East Kurdistan Workers are other cases of gross violation of human rights.

In the past year a number of innocent civilians in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic has no clear definition of necessity and to meet the daily needs Kurdistan borders to workers in the South and East had turned their lives have been lost or injured. In 2016, at the various borders killed 96 Kurdish innocent civilian and 64 others for various reasons, such as fleeing from the agents of the Islamic Republic have been injured falling from the mountains and heights and other natural disasters.

It should be noted that due to the lack of industrial plants and production workshops rate of unemployment in the cities of East Kurdistan in the first row of the political geography of Iran, which is why these cities are among the poorest cities in Iran have been based on government statistics, the province Kermanshah , Kurdistan and Ilam provinces are respectively the minimum number of citizens covered by social security insurance state.

It is obvious that in societies East Kurdistan injustice double by the Islamic Republic of Iran because of the mentality, attitude and the discriminatory practices rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other nations, Iran committed. In this regard, Ilam and Kermanshah and Sanandaj East Kurdistan ranked first in the Iran are the unemployment rate.

Chain discriminations include lack of right of association and assembly workers, employment, education, healthcare, healthy climate, which is influenced by the wrong policies and vindictive ruling system in Iran, and that the element of the documentation for the people of East Kurdistan life in their living below the poverty line.

Kurdistan Human Rights Associatin