Being deprived of medical care after 9 years in exile

Kurdistan Human Rights Association: Kurdish political prisoner Omar Farhang sentenced to 10 years in prison is in exile now living in Ardebil’s prison.

He is the son of Abdullah, 45, is married and has two children and lives in the city of Urmia in East Kurdistan.

Omar Farhang dated 12 June 2009 on charges of collaborating with the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) detained for 3 months in solitary confinement and torture were being interrogated Information Administration.

Mentioned stated that torture was so terrible that every day die I, however, was that no crime committed not only to the people in the relationship that I was a guest in my house movement and they inform me of their opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran I did not have.

Mr Farhang after three months of torture, and transferred to the central prison of Urmia was held there for 9 months and after the court ruling 10 years in exile, on 12 June 2010 was transferred to Ardebil prison.

In his remarks said that the prison continued torture and discrimination linguistic, ethnic and religious was not spared.

The political prisoner for 8 years imprisonment with various diseases, including skin diseases, creating a gland in the throat and hemorrhoid, grappling, and even keep track of him and his family, no medical care by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been .

It should be noted that Omar Farhang in recent years for failing to meet the demands had been on a hunger strike and in the latest strike in the last few weeks, the prison authorities transferred him to a psychiatric ward.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association