The strike Representatives of the People’s Democratic Party( HDP) on the second day

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, the representatives People’s Democratic Party strike struck in Akin-e-Jarni Park Amid with the slogan We do not stop , we do stop,we stop fascism, entered to second day.

Following the news from Roj News, the Turkish police forces have blocked the park since yesterday, preventing the people of the Representaitive from joining the strike, and even blankets for sleep last night.

On the other hand, the police are trying to get away from the people gathered outside the park to support the deputies get away from the place.

Representatives of the People’s Democratic Party went on a little exercise this morning with the dawn and continued their strike by cleaning the park.

Protesters outside the park say they stay in the park no for a week, but  for a year, and support the deputies.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association