Transfer of 3 detainees to the detention centre of Oshnavieh in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, three prisoners of imprisoned were transferred to the Oshnavieh Prison in the Urmia Intelligence Office, which had been interrogated for about 40 days.

Omid Sayedpour, Yousef Sayedpour from Bizhan Abad village and Omid Abdollahi from Tajeddin Abad from the functions of the city of Oshnavieh are the names of these 3 detainees who were arrested on charges of communicating with the Kurdish parties and propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran. And after 40 days of interrogation at the Urmia Office of the Intelligence, they were transferred to the detention center of Oshnavieh in eastern Kurdistan.

It should be noted that “Foran Sayedpour” was arrested along with these three people on Wednesday 21 June 2017, after being released from the interrogation process.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association