Continued detentions in Kurdistan / 11 citizens were arrested

Monday, March 21, 2022 Iranian security forces arrested at least 11 citizens during the Nowruz celebration in Sanandaj Park (Senah) and transferred them to an unknown location.

The identities of these 11 citizens are announced in the following order:
1- Abed khorshidi
2- keyvan Zandkarimi
3- Sahand Barzanji
4- Arash Shakiba
5- Khaled Hosseini
6- Jamshid Farzi
7- Fardin Peymankar
8- Kayhan Kakehkhani
9- Keyvan Mahmoudi
10- Batool Azami 75-years old
11-Ariana Salimi, 14- years old

According to the report, Batool Azami and Ariana Salimi were released on bail and pledged in writing on a temporary basis today.

It should be noted that in recent days, dozens of citizens were arrested by Iranian security agencies for citizens are unknown.