Lack of punishment for acid pouring offenders by the Islamic Republic of Iran courts

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, at 12:00 midnight on Sunday 20 July 2014, in Boukan east of Kurdistan, Sousan Ismail Nezhad, 29 years old, on the way back from work to home, from unidentified individuals exposed to violence Acid spray occurs.

She was the victim of this incident, and more than 30% of her body, and her  left hand burnt,and even burn depth so that one of the bones in her back was black.

An informed source told Kmmk that five other women had been attacked and acid sprayed within 24 hours of the same date.

Sousan Ismael Nezhad succeeds in seeing a spray agent during escape and a ride on a car and then she will recognize them on the day of the trial and in the court hearing.

After arresting the accused person with acid spill, the accused confessed to his first investigation, and also during his house inspection, the presence of some acidic substance was discovered by the police, after conducting investigations of legal practitioners in The case of acid sprays assumes that the type of acid found was of the same type as the victim and also the shoes of the offender, which in turn is evidence of a crime.

The same source further added that the first court trial against the accused was held at the Branch 2 of the Court of the City of Bukan, under the presiding judge of Bishak, after 21 months on Monday 11 April 2016, and, despite all the documents and documents necessary for the lack of confidence in the case on Sunday 17 April 2016, he issued the sentence of release of the offender.

Obviously, in this regard, the judge is persuading a series of unreasonable reasons. In turn, this argument has not only had no legal basis, which is as follows:

1- The person’s misconduct of acid spray is the only suspicion and cannot even be suspected and doubtful.

2- The defendant’s confession was not in court and was promising in the initial investigations and under torture.

3- The discovery of acid in the accused’s house and the purchase of relaxed pill in the pharmacy is normal.

4- The identity of the accused in cameras located in the streets of the city is unknown.

5- Sousan Ismail Nezhad emphasizes that he is seeing the defendant’s face while on a motorcycle,while he has not Paykan car.

6- The defendant acknowledges that at the time of the incident, at 12 midnight, he was present at a center of beauty, and the incident took place a few minutes before his departure.

For this reason, based on Article 37 of the Constitution and the remarks concerning the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the accused is recognized as innocent and And a verdict acquittal is issued to him.

Sousan Ismail Nezhad has filed a lawsuit against the Supreme Court on Thursday 18 August 2016, and the case has been handed over to Branch 1 of the Orumiyeh Appeal Court.

In the further statements of the source informed to Kmmk, until now, Branch 1 of the Appeals Court of Urmia after two times the recall and revalidation of the verdict, on Thursday 18 August 2016, and on Sunday 9 July 2017 after 3 years from this incident and beyond The burning of part of the beauty of the body and the serious and irreversible psychological and psychological injuries and the constant gravitation of the victim, each time the existence of false pretexts, leaves this case in a hurry of ambiguity and refuses to condemn the offender and substitute for the material and spiritual sacrifice.

Paragraphs 10.7.3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations insist on the right to life and individual freedoms, the equality of the individual against the law and the prohibition of any discrimination, as well as the right of a person to an independent, just and open court insists.

It should be noted that the performance of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunals of Iran, in order to support the culprits of acid spillage, not only violated the UN Charter to achieve a fair trial,but also that he has lost his confidence in the law and his legal rights through the courts and to obtain his legal rights through the courts, and also the perpetrators, with a more calm and safe confidence ahead of him, harassed women and, by releasing these criminals, the lives of other women the community of East Kurdistan and Iran will be threatened.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association