On other leaves were killing citizens of Kurd,dozens killed and wounded and hundreds were arrested

On 22,February,1998, in eastern Kordestan, an uprising against the abduction of Abdullah Ocalan was carried out by the Israeli Mossad and Mitt Türkis in Kenya, which involved the entire East of Kurdistan and Tehran’s metropolis. Following the protests, dozens of people were killed by Iranian security forces and hundreds were arrested.

On the 27th of February, the same year, people from eastern Kurdistan from all over Iran came to Tehran to condemn the bin Ladyli (abduction of Abdullah Ocalan). This march passed through the streets of freedom and revolution, and along the way, thousands of people fled to the protesters’ gathering, and in front of the embassy Turkey calls for the release of Abdullah Ocalan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran announced in all the cities of eastern Kurdistan that the protest was banned, and two people were killed by security forces following the protests in the city of Orumieh in Salmas, Mahabad, Karmashan, Ilam, Orumiyeh, Maku, Salmas, Saghez, Marivan and … Hundreds were arrested.

On 29th of February, a public protest at the University of Kurdistan in Sanandaj,with the previous license, was drawn to violence and ended with the beating and arrest of many professors and students.

On Monday, 22 February the people of Sanandaj and surrounding area came to the city center according to previous information. Meanwhile, the city was harnessed by riot police in Sanandaj and other neighboring cities and provinces. At the very beginning, people were faced with violent clashes with anti-riot forces, and people countered this violence.

No one was merciful in this battle. “Elderly Men”, “Women and Youth,” all were attacked. Dozens were wounded and killed and hundreds were arrested.

Accurate statistics of the abductees and detainees are not available in the events of East Kurdistan, but in the city of Sunn 33-70 people, “Urumieh 2”, and one in Maku lost one person and hundreds were beaten and arrested in eastern Kurdistan cities. Were placed. In the detention centers, many young people were raped. Shaved girls hair. Hundreds were tried and imprisoned and fined. Most university professors were expelled and imprisoned for a long time.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly committed numerous crimes against the citizens of eastern Kurdistan from the very beginning of the revolution. At the outset, the Khomeini jihad broke over the Kurd nation,attacked the city of Paveh, the twenty-four days of Sanandaj,the Nagato war, the slaughter of the village of Qarna and Qalatan, and Bradost, mass murder and the courts of Khalkhali, where thousands of people were executed for the crime of barbarous or paratroopers. Following the December protests, hundreds of citizens were arrested in eastern Kurdistan and Iran, and dozens of them (Sarou Ghahremani, Kianoush Zandi, Hossein Gholizadeh) were killed by government forces in the Islamic Republic’s prisons.

According to the statistics available in the past few years,nearly a thousand “Kolber’s”have been massacred by the Iranian regime. Thousands are closed to the barracks by the security forces of the Islamic Republic without trial. The arrest and imprisonment of women activists and political, civil, cultural, environmental, labor and political activists are among other reports of the crackdown of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Blood killings, arbitrary detention, rape, beatings and human rights abuses continue in eastern Kurdistan.

On the 19th year of the killing and detention of the citizens of eastern Kurdistan at the end of 1998 requires all civil and human rights activists to formulate and cooperate in the field of human rights by documenting these crimes and the Islamic Republic of Iran We will bring the court to the human rights court,Kurdistan Human Rights

Kurdistan Human Right Association.