Buyers of Mehr House (Dega Iran) are still waiting.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, buyers of apartments known as Dega Iran are currently waiting for delivery of their apartments.

According to the report, residents of Sanandaj city-dwelling tenants in eastern Kurdistan after they had deposited all the money they had given them by construction companies, they still expected to receive their apartments, and this However, it was supposed that all of them would own their homes during the last decade of the Fajr  (1-11 February).

It should be noted that during the first presidential term, Ahmadi Nejad ordered the construction of affordable housing for apartment owners for tenants, but given the lack of proper management of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this has given the opportunity to some profitable people by building non-standard apartments and sold them with plenty of money and the tenants’ housing problems continue to remain.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association