Swedish journalists syndicate support from TV channel Ronahi TV

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association,Syndicate of Swedish Journalists  , which expressed its decision to oppose the French Eutelsat, the Eutelsat compani, based on the Turkish government’s demands and efforts, was considering the Kurdish television channels. In this regard,In this regard, it is can be noted to “Ronahi Tv” from the TV channel broadcasting in Sweden.

The syndicate of Swedish journalists states that the efforts of the Turkish government to implement their dictatorial policies are based on the lack of freedom of expression, not only capturing the Turkish state, but also reaching out to the country and even to Europe, These policies against the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the media of the Turkish government led to the closure of the TV channel Kurdish Norooz  T V last year in Sweden.

Now  danger closes of Ronahi Tv canal is threatened.

According to the report, the syndicate of Swedish journalists is determined to stubbornly stampede the Turkish government’s policies and prevent the broadcast of the Kurdish TV channels, which is why they want to continue broadcasting the Ronahi TV Channel.

The syndicate  the new French government, which owns a major part of the EutelSat Company,asking them to work more deeply on how they work, and prevent the Turkish government from protecting the anti-human rights measures.

At the same time, the union has called on the Swedish government to take a decisive and clear decision on this issue, and has called for serious measures to be taken to create resistance and prevent the demands of the Turkish state.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association