Aggregation bankrupt citizens Kermanshah in Kurdistan East

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and reliable resource , tens  of bankrupt of a carpet weaving company gathered in the city of Kermanshah in front of the city’s prosecutor’s office.

Following the recent gatherings of people in various cities of Iran in protest against the denial of public deposits by credit institutes, the gatherings against the prosecutor’s office in the city of Kermanshah and in protest against the ” school Gelim and Gabeh” in the city held and the rally was announced by the gatherers. That their patience is overflowing.

It should be noted that the case has more than 11,000 plaintiffs, and despite repeated complaints and appeals from their Kramas courts, they have not yet received a satisfactory answer, while the amount of money seized from the people is about 274 billion USD.

It is widely thought that credit institutions and other banking institutions are under direct supervision of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this government agency is responsible for the commitment and credibility of these institutions, but in recent statements (Ahmad Hatami Yazd) a monetary and banking expert In a television interview, the Iranian government announced that the central bank had no commitment to the deposits and capital of citizens and is not obliged to respond.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association