Suicide of a young Kurd woman on Eid al-Fitr day

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a female citizen from a village in Sardasht on the day of Eid al-Fitr suicide.

On Sunday, 25 June 2017, a young woman from the Sardasht city of eastern Kurdistan has committed self-immolation due to family problems on Eid al-Fitr day.

Berivan, 23 years old, is the child of Jafar Ayesh Shilani, a resident of the village of Beiuaran Sofla,  the profile of this is Kurdish citizen.

He has been transferred to a hospital in Orumieh for medical treatment, but due to the severity of the burn, the likelihood of the death of this Kurdish woman.

The reason for this self-immolation is said to be familial problems.

According to experts and activists in the field of women, the lack of clear and explicit rules, as well as the lack of specialized centers to support women affected by the increase in suicide and self-immolation among women.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association