Summons the family of a political activist to the Revolutionary Court “Sardasht” in eastern Kurdistan

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association Abdullah Abdullah Zadeh, son of Hassan, famous for Abdullah Nijawa, was summoned to the second branch of the Sardasht Revolutionary Court on Saturday 5 August 2017.

Abdullah Abdullah Zadeh is a farmer in the city of Nalas functions city of Sardasht, who has been summoned to the courthouse for several occasions and has been interrogated by the prosecutor for several occasions over the past two years because of the activities of his son, Aso Abdullah Zadeh. Aso Abdullah Zadeh fled from Iran through the pressure and threats of security forces affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran and became refugee to Norway, and according to local reports, the only reason for summoning his father was to support Aso from a Kurdish party,and while Sardasht prosecutors called for the phone number of Aso Abdullah Zadeh and and told his father that we will not do anything to deport your son.

It should be noted that this activist was a member of the organization of one of the Kurds parties inside Iran and East Kurdistan and is still engaged in political and civil activities abroad.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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