The roads east Kurdistan is still the center of driving accidents, and the damage done to people and the nature of the day is increasing.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a tanker fuel overturned on the Sanandaj , Marivan route this morning.

The incident did not have a casualty, but the crude oil of the tanker was poured into the surrounding area. The reversal of oil tankers on the Marivan-Sanandaj road has become a daily occurrence, and over the past two or two years, oil tankers have often created this incident.

In many cases, accidents and fires have killed a number of citizens. Failure to clear the accident area from poured oil has already caused serious damage to the environment of this route.

The Marivan route to Sanandaj has become the main route of communication between Kurdistan to the southern ports of Iran since 2003. And while the roads and main roads of the cities in eastern Kurdistan have such a situation, and given the huge economic benefits of transit routes in these ways, there is no cost to the Islamic Republic to rebuild these roads.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association