Informing and enlightening about the execution of Kurdish prisoner Farhad Mousazadeh

Based on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association follow-up on a report on Wednesday 26 July 2017, following the execution of three prisoners charged with drug offenses in prisons in Mahabad and Urmia in eastern Kurdistan, issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Following internal sources, it became clear that one of the executed prisoners, Farhad Mousazadeh, was a member of a political family who was educated and politically oriented, and because his brother was present in one of the Kurdish parties, The Islamic Republic of Iran has planned a plan for the aforementioned act and, through its affiliates, has placed narcotics in its possessions, and then quickly arrested him and executed the death sentence.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has systematically and systematically trapped members and political and civil activists and arrested them by infecting them with drugs or locating materials in their place of residence and equipment. The missing person is affected by the fact that families that have a tendency or political or civil activity to infect a member of the family are dependent on the drug and use it as a spy and obtain information about his or her famly.

On the other hand, the person who is infected with the substance also receives drugs or other privileges for meeting the conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association