The likelihood of cut limb Kurdish carrier due to delayed medical treatment

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association of Mahabad, in eastern Kurdistan, a car crash involving five carrier has been wounded, one of which is a worry and danger of losing his leg.

The report noted that 25 years old Shirko Abdullahi, son of Aisha and Siamand, had been caught in the mountainous region of Buran along with other carrier, and it took several hours for people to receive public assistance because of the mountainous nature of the site.

In Mahabad Hospital, instead of sending him to a more equipped facility, they have been suspended for 9 days, and this delay and lack of attention to the main artery of the young man has ultimately led to his proposal for an end to the Urmia hospital for 15 million tomans.

However, with the involvement of others it is supposed to be arterial transplantation, but with a lag and a very low chance of success due to the disappearance and death of the tissues. It is widely believed that the unfair and out-of-pocket medical treatment system in the Islamic Republic of Iran includes the majority of the people of east Kurdistan.

And varies depending on the social class and assets of the people, and the rich people get better treatment and treatment and the poor to lose and amputation and have less medical treatment .

The need for a health care system is one of the basic human needs and should be equally distributed, and the ineligible medical errors and irreparable medical costs and the time of arrival of patients to well-equipped medical centers are important and undeniable.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association