Attacking The Turkish Army to Kobani

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Sunday 30 July 2017, the Turkish Army harassed Ruzhava with a number of armored forces and armored vehicles in the western part of Kurdistan and entered the Kanton Kobani.

The report states that at 21:30 local time, the Turkish army entered armored vehicles to the border towns of Saftak and Bouin on the Kanton border of Kobani, and the citizens of these villages in telephone calls from the widespread military operations of the militants And ditching around the villages, while militants (Y.P.G.) have warned the Turkish army that they will face heavy reaction if they do not leave the area in the shortest time.

It should be recalled that four civilians, including two Zakho football team players, were wounded in the southern Kurdistan following the attacks of the Turkish army during the past few days. Last week, Turkish fighters three times Qandil Mountains, Koureh Zharo and “Zap” bombed and caused a lot of damage to the pastures and gardens of the area.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association