Kameel Ahmady was sentenced to eight years in prison

The Iranian authority announced Mr. Kameel Ahmady, a Kurdish researcher,, has been convicted to serve eight years in prison by branch 15th of the Revolutionary court of Iran on Dec 12, 2020.

Mr. Ahmady is a dual citizen Iranian-British researcher been accused of collaboration with hostile foreign states. The scientist has been detained in a solitary confinement cell for over 100 days while Mr. Ahmady is deprived of accessing to the lawyer.

The social science researcher Mr. Ahmady has been working on the latest project named “A Comprehensive Research Study on Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C) in Iran” in Iran which the revolutionary court, according to his research, accused Mr. Ahmady while he has taken a permit from the authority for his research based on Iran.

Mr. Ahmady has been rewarded George Washington award because of his researches in the topic of “children”, “Women,” and “ethnic minorities” all across the world.

He studied and conducted research such as “female genital multination”, “Early age marriage”, ”and the temporary marriage phenomenon in Iran” in recent years.

Mr. Ahmady was born in Mahabad in the East of Kurdistan and was a resident of Tehran, he was arrested on Aug 11th, 2019, in his house in Tehran.
Kurdistan human rights Association