The wounding of a carrier ( innocent civilian ) and wasting 6 horses porter carriers ( innocent civilians ).

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on 10 June 2017, in the shooting by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the innocent civilians , a Kurdish innocent civilian called”Ali Mohammadi” from the village Sharikan of the functions of nosood from East Kurdistan injured and 6 vertex of their livestock also died.

The report said that innocent civilians was shootings while he was inside East Kurdistan and Qlagah area and did not have nothing.

While officials and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan has recently announced that the shooting of innocent civilians illegal, and to facilitate innocent civilians projects including social insurance for carriers ( innocent civilians) as a subject promotional has been used, law enforcement prevail as the innocent civilians shooting and injuring or killing them.

It should be noted that the main cause of carriers in East Kurdistan Unemployment and non employment of the workforce citizens from the government and semi government Islamic Republic of Iran and the social problems can not be insurance card carriers solved, but requires a fundamental change of policy officials and rulers Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of investment, proper infrastructure is necessary for sustainable development and create jobs in East Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association