Statistical Report – Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan, “June 11 to 10 July

The human rights situation in July 2016, coinciding with the June 11 to 10 July in East Kurdistan Kurdistan Human Rights Association based efforts toTo reports of several human rights organizations and Iranian Kurdistan East is collected. It is worth noting the report for failing to allow the organizations and human rights groups reported the Iranian government is not perfect and systematic violations of human rights in East Kurdistan’s only part of it depict.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations the right to life and personal security, government discrimination, disrespect and disregard for the fundamental rights of citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners and political prisoners, ended months studied.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be harassed on the occasion of his beliefs and fear of the contract.

The second stanza adds Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or in writing or in print as a form of art, or through any other media of his choice Is.

In addition, Article 22 states that Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and the efforts at the national level and cooperation International organization and resources of each country, inalienable rights, economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own personality, to be achieved , in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or method contract.

In accordance with the international conventions in relation to other recognized human rights and political and social rights of human communities, and society each person has the right to Political, social, economic and cultural demands and strive for its realization, congregation or group is no superiority over another, and everyone should benefit from natural rights and other recognized.


Unfortunately, in this month of a countless number of prisoners were executed over the past months that it is reflected news but according to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association sometimes different offenses Kurdish prisoners in Iranian prisons are not executed and the media executions; and the Islamic Republic does not announce executions.

Fourth Monday in August, the death sentence of a prisoner by the name of “Alireza Ahmadi, 36,” in a place calle6 August , 9 death sentences Kurdish citizen named Majid Herkouli, Rahman Fouladi, Mojtaba Shirkhani, Abdullah Ghaderi, Ali Talati and Changiz Shiri in the ((Sea)) area inside the prison of Urmia and a prisoner in Salmas prison named Shapour Varshohashtian and two prisoners named Davoud Mohaammadi and Ahmad Rastgar was carried out in Khoy prison.

Nasser Khezri son of Abdullah 17 years from Saqez charged with murder the execution ( retribution ) and sentenced. d (oil depot)  Songhor was carried out.


Arrest, Summons, Sentencing, Profiling

Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan East this month myriad arrested or summoned to court and security centers or sentence is for the citizens.

The names of some of the people detained in connection with civil actions, workers, the environment and politics over the past month:

Sirvan Mostafaei, Amir Abdullahzadeh, Rahim and Khoshnam Esmaeili (brother), Ali Sorkhi,Fatah and  Makwan Afsari (brother), Yaqoub and Sedigh Baekram (cousins), Avat Sharifi, Naseh, Rasou and Abubkr Alikhani (brother), Omar Abdullahpour, Loqman Azizi, Reza Qureshi, Salim Baroo, Fatah Pourahmad, Loqman Amini, Jala Mahmoudi, Sarvar Moradi, Khabat Moludi, Almas Rezaei, Rasoul Mola, Salah Sokhanvar, Khalil Shahi, Zakaria Safkar, Najim Khodadadi, Jamshid Sharifiazad, Shamsullah Moradi, Houshyar Namami, Enayat Ramazani, Mohammad Sabahi, Jahanbakhsh Namami, Khoshnam and Rahim Kholeh (brother) and from Khor Khoreh Village, Ali Ghasemnejad, Mostafa Soldouzi from Qara Geshlagh Village, Mohammad Shokri from the city of Mahabad, Sirvan Hassanzadeh from Dashkhani Village, Pejman Imani from the city of Mahabad,Hemen Ghazal from the city of Mahabad, Shahin Chvsaei from the city of Mahabad, Rahim Divazi from city of Mahabad, Asad Anousheh from the Qara Gheshlagh, Ghasem Khalifehzadeh from Mahabad, Amir Abdullahzadeh from Mahabad, Siamak Soltanian from Mahabad, Syed Mazhar Pavaneh from Mahabad, Sahr Faizi, Siavash Hayaei, Syed Amin Abbasi, Noshad Taheri, Sharif Saedpanah, Khalil Shahi, Zakaria Safkar, Afshin Hossein Panahi, Rasoul Khezri, Rasoul toofani son of Abdullah from city of Bukan, Carpentre Reza Zandkarimi son of Hadi from city of Sanandaj, Worker Aziz Ashenavar son of Mohammad from Piranshahr, Farouq Paymard, Siamak Dehbekri, Omid Qureshi, Amjad Ghaderi, Mola Reza Dadvardan principal Seminary Salahaldin Ayoubi and Naser Vaisi.

Thursday 10 July, a Kurdish citizen from the city of Bukan named Ali Sorkhi of the Intelligence Ministry arrested at his home and moved to an unknown location.

On 30 June and 1 July at least more than 15 civilians in connection with clashes between Kurdish Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were arrested in Oshnavieh and Mahabad villages. This is identity of the detainees: Khoshnam and Rahim Kholeh ( brother) from akahor Khoreh Village, Ali Ghasemnejad , Mostafa saldouzi from Qara Geshlagh Village, Sirvan Hassanzadeh from Dashkhani Village, Pejman Imani, Hemen Ghazal, Shahin Chvsaei, Rahim Divazi, Ghasem Khalifehzadeh, Amir Abdullahzadeh, Siamak Soltanian, Syed Mazhar Pavaneh and Mohammad Sokri a few people from city of Mahabad Asad Anoushe from Qara Gheshlagh arrested and were arrested on charges of collaborating with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

On 30, June 2016, Iranian security forces on the streets of the Saqez city weighted citizens and arrested more than 10 people have been arrested for breaking fast.

On 2 July, in five cities of Mahabad, Bukan, Oshnavieh, Saqez and Sardasht at least 13 people were arrested by Ministry of Intelligence officials. Identity detainees Mostafa Saldouzi from Gara Gheshlagh village, Sirvan Mostafaei from Dashkhaneh village, Amir Abdullahzadeh from Bengovin village, Rahim and Khoshnam Esmaeili (brother) from Khor Khoreh village and identity detainees Oshnavieh Yaqoub Baekram and Sedigh Baekram and reports from Saqez 24 years old young with identity  Awat Sharifi and Sardasht 4 other citizen known as ” Naseh,Rasoul, Abubkr Alikhani along with Omar Abdullah Pur with the names of detainees in the village,” Gvzlh “are.

On 2 July, “Fattah Pourahmad” retired teacher “Luqman Amini” son of Jalal of the village “Chharbvt” in nalus district, arrested by security forces moved Oshnavieh intelligence detention centre.

Monday 3 July, three Kurdish civilians in the village of Tangi Sar Kamyaran “Server Moradi, son of Ali, Khabat Moludi son of Ahmad,  Almas Rezai son of Brakhas ” were arrested by the security forces.

Friday 8 July, at least 17 people in the villages, “Dah Shams”, “Svjh”, “Balagir” and “Aliabad” by security forces arrested two of their own identity Loqman  Azizi, 45 years old and Salim Baroo 43 years old is declared.

Sunday 10 July, Raza Qureshi, 28-year-old citizen from Bukan Bukan city by intelligence officers, without judicial authorization, arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Monday 11 July, a Kurdish citizen named ” Eqbal Zarei» from Khosheh Dareh Sarshiv from city of Saqez, was arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location and his home was searched by officers without legal authorization.

Tuesday 12 July, two brothers named Makwan and Fatah Afsari in the city of Paveh were arrested by the security forces.

Security forces raided the village of Shynabad at least two Kurdish citizens were arrested. The names of the two, the ApostleRasoul Jola 37 years old and Salah Sokhanvar 25-year-old Salah is expressed.

Wednesday 13, July 1395 places to rush troops to the city of Sanandaj attempted to disturb hawkers stalls workers, the hawkers clashed  with them in this conflict more than 8 people of hawkers were arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

On Wednesday, 13 July of 1395, the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, Sahar Faizi, 24-year-old Kurdish student arrested and some of his personal belongings such as books, laptop and cell phone to their mobile phone taken.

July 16, of the security forces Siavash Hayati, Syed Amin Abbasi and Noshad Taheri were arrested followers Yarsan. July 27, Yarsany a large number of young people gathered in front of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were called for their release Iranian security and intelligence forces to arrest the bulk of protesters were arrested and thirty-eight persons.

Sunday 17 July, a member of the board of the Free Union of Iranian Workers called “Sharif Saedpanah” from the Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj city has been summoned and interrogated for several hours.

Monday 18 July, two Kurdish citizen named Khalil Shahi from the village of Singan  and Zakaria Safkar from Oshnavieh were arrested by security forces.

July 18, dozens of people gathered in front of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards youth and Faith Yarsan intersection mobilization in the streets to protest against the policy of discrimination and violation of their rights gathering that sixteen of them by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were arrested.

Tuesday 19 July 1395, Afshin Hossein Panahi was arrested for the second time by the Ministry of Intelligence.

Wednesday July 20, a Kurdish citizen, a native of Saqez city named “Rasoul khezri” 29-year-old son, “Mostafa” was arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Saqez.

Wednesday 20 July, Rasoul Toofani son of Abdullah from the city of Bukan carpenter, Reza Zandkarimi son of Hadi from Sanandaj worker, Aziz Ashenavar son of Mohammed from Piranshahr market ,by the security forces of the Islamic Republic were arrested.

Saturday 23 July, Faroq Paymard son of Kamal from Oshnavieh arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic and was transferred to an unknown location.

Saturday 23 July, the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Marivan wife Adnan GadEri “actively Cultural Association _Adby” Vazin “in the city of Marivan” to the department summoned and questioned in Marivan.

Saturday 23 July, forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Javanroud, family, “Wahab Fakhri” to have been summoned and interrogated.

Sunday 25 July, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran in the city Dalahoo, the detention of three citizens of the city in connection with the attack on Islamabad Gharb and his representative said.

On Monday, 26 July, Siamak Dah bakri , 26, son of Taha, resident of Mahabad by the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested in the city.

Tuesday 5 August, during a week of nearly 19 Kurdish civilians were detained in the city of Piranshahr. Omid Qureshi and Amjad Ghaderi identity of three of the detainees, Mullah Reza Dadvardan seminary director Salahuddin Ayubi has been announced.

“Nasser Vaisi” Kurdish workers from the village, “Corcorah” in the southern city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan has been working, when returning in the direction of Marivan, Sanandaj is missing. The same applies been arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

9 arrested Kurdish citizen Salas Babajani by security forces of the Islamic Republic, seven people were arrested in Najim Khodadadi identity, Jamshid Sharifiazad, Shamsullah Moradi, Hoshyar Tamami, Enayat Ramezani, Mahmoud Sabahi and Jahanbakhsh Tamami the declared.

Following the trip, Hassan Rouhani, the city Krmashah, 3 Kurdish citizens accused of organizing and inciting citizens to protest slogans were detained and interrogated.

26 July, police in Sanandaj Islamic Republic of Iran to a family party without having any permission from a magistrate raided and arrested more than 18 civilians have beaten them.

Following the protest, security forces, youth and women Marivan, “because banning cycling Girls in the City” Zanyar Khosravi were detained and taken to an unknown location. He’s bikes have been confiscated by the security forces.

During the 28 th and 29th of July, security forces at the Intelligence Office of Islamic Republic of Iran in Krmashah Salas Babajani citizens arrested and transferred to prison Krmashah Dizelabad.

Eqbal Zarei 31 in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran by security forces at his home in the village of Khooshehdareh in Sarshiv Saqez was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Workers and Unios

More than 3 months 60 workers have been deprived local authority in zone 2Krmashah of salaries and benefits.

Monday 4 July, 270 workers in the past few months, the company’s industrial bread Sanandaj to work, have registered are still in limbo.

Sunday 10 July 1395, a Kurdish citizen named “Ali Babaei,” 32-year-old working in a workshop because of falling stucco lost their lives.

Monday 11 July, Sanandaj city bus in protest against low income and poor living conditions and a shortage of rations gasoline to protest.

Monday 11 July, 28 workers from Kurdistan Zagros Steel went to Tehran and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare gathered for their demands.

Wednesday 13 July 95, in protest against non-payment of four months’ salary in the Ilam district municipality was held at Street Vaseti.

Wednesday 13 July, some merchants in the Border city of Mehran in Ilam  protest against the Iraq loads that have not cleared a week remain undecided gathered at the customs office of Ilam city.

Wednesday 13 July farmers Naghadeh for a second day against the problem of water crisis and the lack of adequate water land, the governor of the city held a protest gathring.

16 July, more than 200 Poultry breeders in Mahabad, the company proceeded to rally in front of the entrance door and some of them had to camp out at this location.

Sunday 17 July, factory workers “Plastic Roya” located in the industrial zone of 1 Sanandaj to protest low wages and installed surveillance cameras around the unit, went on strike.

Wednesday 20 July 3 Kurdish workers in the city of Baneh, when were working in a building half of work, lost their lives due to fall from height, according to an eyewitness who requested anonymity said, the workers ages 17, 18 and 23 years old .

For eleven Zagros steel worker from the beginning of the year and now has a working end is issued and the rights of workers are living in limbo for more than six months old have also been postponed.

A group of workers and employees Baking muffins Eetemad in protest against the sudden dismissal, Dolatabad gathered at the site of the company. They were willing to return to work and determine their employment status.

A group of workers protest non-payment of four months’ salary Kaveh oxygen in the in Industrial Town Faraman gathered at the site of the company.

Saturday 23 July, a construction worker, “Ali Marvdoosti” in Urmia lost their lives due to the collapse of the building.

Sunday 24 July, Kurdish worker named “Mohammad Reza Mohammadi” 35-year-old resident of the city Kamyaran due to lack of safety devices skeleton of a hall collapsed, and after 24 hour at the city hospital Miandoab lost his life.

Mirabad municipal workers, have not received their salaries for seven months therefore have gone on strike This has caused waste and municipal residences along the streets and roads left did not move in the same direction collecting them for a week.


In this month of violating prisoners’ rights is as follows:

Thursday, 7 July, 72-year-old Hashem Rostami and Mozafar Salehinia 46-year-old Kurdish political prisoners and labor activists, were deprived of the right to counsel and meet with their families.

Saturday 9 July, “Saber Mamedi” 40-year-old son of Asaad citizen of the village,Derik” from Salmas Salmas city criminal court, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and the citizen was transferred to the prison city of Salmas in bad mental condition to his lives.

Saturday, Persian date July 12 Tuesday Saqez pressure on prisoners by prison officials, and especially the food and cigarettes three times the rate of production is increased This is despite the fact that prisoners in these prisons do not have any income that can be spent enough.

Syed Jamal Mousavi religious activist and citizen of the Sanandaj, on Wednesday, dated 23 July, the central prison of the Sanandaj was exiled to Rajai Shahr prison.

Ayoub Asadi Kurdish political prisoner in Kashmar prison critical condition spent and refused to transfer him to the hospital.

Wednesday13 July, Zanyar and Luqman Moradi 2Kurdish political prisoners incarcerated in prison , calls for immediate review of the case and release from prison.The two Kurdish political prisoners have said if their demands are not addressed, will long hunger strike.

Branch 10 of the Appeals Court in Orumieh prison sentence “Commander Mokryany” citizen activist Kurdish city of Sardasht confirmed last year by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad was sentenced to three months and one day in prison.

Saturday 16 July, Hussein Rastgari Majd Kurdish political prisoners jailed in Orumieh Prison Once upon their request to the implementation of the principle of separation of political prisoners insisted on penalties and transfer to the ward by two prison guards were beaten.

Ayoub Asadi Kurdish political prisoner in critical condition Kashmar spent in prison and refused to transfer him to the hospital, In addition to his herniated disc, also suffers from asthma, said at his own expense, inhalers for asthma is made for him and sending him to the hospital by prison officials refused to be false reasons.

At least three regular prisoners in Orumieh prison summoned and forced transfer of data protection in the prison office the identity of the three people Matin Khezri, Hossein Ahmadpour and Houshang Pirzadgan been announced.

Diesel Abad prison in Kermanshah , the authorities were obliged to submit an application for leave clauses, information exchanged among the prisoners taken from them. Two officials of the political ward and women, several prisoners have said if provided confidential information in connection with political prisoners, they will receive week-long vacation.

The unhealthy situation continues Salmas prison at times, the Red Cross in its annual return visits, prisoners are threatened with prison conditions which must be satisfied Salmas city jail terms of health, food quality, categorize crimes and mismanagement in serious crisis and this is increasingly tougher punishment for the prisoners.Release buy and sell drug by bribing the guards, separating prisoners by crime,  bad quality food, lack of attention to the situation of health services, such as imprisonment in the jail is something that is impossible.

Maine and Innocent civilians

Maine and the innocent civilians report this month

Wednesday, July 6 near the village, “Kyle Sypan” Piran security forces by laying an ambush for businessmen to innocent civilians who managed to leave the place they were shot The shooting more than 30 heads of the work horses of the businessmen who were left behind were shot by security forces and innocent civilians items were also stolen by them.

Saturday, July 9, innocent civilians called “Heidi Ismael” near the village of “Mirgasah ” Alan functions Sardasht border with Hong ambush the city faced and from the waist up is seriously injured.

Saturday 9 July, with a direct hit Innocent civilans police said five people round the villages, Chaldoran and Maku were killed or injured  Borhan Alam Hulu and Mostafa Mehrpour  two Kurdish Innocent civilians Chalderan following a direct hit on the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces were killed in Kurdistan East . Innocent civilians three civilians were injured in the incident more seriously.

Saturday 9 July, a Kurdish citizen in Sumar functions Qasre Shirin in East Kurdistan lost their lives due to landmines.

Wednesday 13 July, the Qods Force engineering unit in the city of Marivan had to replant Maine.

Used landmines Russian models (score 4) with a light weight that are highly lethal force is used.

Wednesday, July 13, a native of Salmas Kurdish innocent civilian in the village of Drew in Oshnavieh been shot by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and lost his life.

13 July Piranshahr, authorities Islamic Republic of Iran in Piranshahr to tribal has warned that it is necessary to travel in the mountains have traffic papers Otherwise they will be shot later said that the firing orders directly from Tehran and from government agencies formally issued to them.

Thursday 14 July the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the border city of Marivan and Pynjvyn city in southern Kurdistan have to mine Agency.

According to information received by landmines used by Russian models 4, with a light weight that are highly lethal force is used.

Thursday, July 14, by shooting security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Innocent civilians, innocent civilian called a “Darvish Advy” son “Adel” in the town of Salmas, was wounded and died.

Wednesday 20 July, in the border city of Sardasht near the village of “Bytvsh” Government forces opened fire towards a group of Kurdish Innocent civilians as a result of two citizens were injured. The innocent civilians Abdullah Rasouli and Rasoul Rasouli identity has been announced.

Wednesday July 27, following a direct hit Hong Islamic Republic of Iran Sardasht border near the village of “Bezileh” innocent civilian called Aziz Sedaghat 40-year-old son of Yousef lost their lives. The attack also comes in innocent civilian Aziz’s father severely injured and another named Saleh Vaisi will be transferred to medical centers Sardasht.

Mohammad Amini innocent civilian from Dole Mir Alan region of Sardasht in Iran Islamic Republic security forces from a direct hit severely injured paws and the result of his injuries was taken to hospital in Urmia.

Sunday 24 July, a Kurdish innocent civilian called Rahman Golyary around the city a direct hit police Piranshahr Islamic Republic of Iran died.

Tuesday 27 July, Aziz Sedaghat innocent civilian last night from the village of Sura Chvm Tee and highway Sardasht in Iran’s security forces was killed by a direct hit. Another citizen seriously injured in the shooting.

Sunday 31 July, a regional police Bane innocent civilian , 26, was shot and severely wounded place.

Environmental and Health

Report on environment  and health in this month :

Fourteenth of July, before noon on Monday, the region’s natural forests “Dvlydrh” caught fire in the border province were Krmashah.

Wednesday 6 July, two village “Kyanabad” and “Taymourabad” Poldokhtar functions Lorestan Province are faced with a decisive and acute shortage of drinking water The people of the two villages with drink water intake high costs of preparing their own towns.

Monday 11 July, the government forces and the Army Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been in East Kurdistan while the Kurdistan border areas and forest have militarization Sahu forests have attempted military exercise in the great cause catastrophic fires around the city Kamyaran that was inhibited by local residents and environmental act should be noted that government forces did nothing to turn that off.

Wednesday 13 July after shooting incident convoy in Ryjab the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian Revolutionary Guards earlier this week from the occasional elevation forest meadows overlooking the shelling several villages in the countryside which caused a fire in the forests of oak unique to this area and several hectares of forests were destroyed completely.

Thursday, 14 July, 30 hectares of forest and meadows in one week and four hectares of meadows and forests Salas Babajani city Sarpolezahab was damaged due to the fire.

Thursday 21 July  mountains Abidar Sanandaj fire spread and burned several hectares of forests, the mountain was.

Thursday 22 July, oak trees, “Ban Glyn” and heights of the head in the fire besieged city of Gilan West and some 100 hectares of land in the area were burned.

26 July, Sholeh villages and Zalu Ab, citizens to protest the lack of safe drinking water Rawansar functions at the front door Rawansar to protest their governor.

Only one thousand, two one thousand and 702 rural village of Sanandaj benefits of drinking water, and 700 villages are deprived of drinking water.

On days 26 to 28 July forest fires around Paveh city caught fire in some of these areas is continued for 3 days.

Forest and green areas located behind the hospital several times, “Quds” the city of Pave the fire was kindled. Because fire military exercises Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran announced that the city Pavereh , formed a human shield around the site of the fire were prevented from attending Corps.

In the city “Kangavar” due to the burning of grasslands in two different time period, nearly 40 hectares of forest and 10 hectares of pastures were burned Kangavar city.

The 28 July  in the province and in the newly founded city Dvrhchgny, fire, 200 hectares of natural forest region, “Flavnd Vaisyan” destroyed.

More than 25 percent of forests are destroyed under serious threat Ilam Province, an area of 641 thousand hectares of forests have been estimated.

Residents of the villages in Dasht-e Abbas city Dehloran the past few years with the issue of water scarcity and desertification struggle.

Forest fires in the region, “Darehvaran” and “Heh Njyran” Marivan over 176 hectares of forest and rangeland three days of fire and ash.

Fire agricultural fields near the villages of “Garehben” and ” Kileh Sypan” Lajan Piranshahr was reported in the district in which more than 28 hectares of land and about 27 hectares of pasture and 55 hectares of total arable land and pastures of this city was consumed by fire.

3 different fires over 40 hectares of meadows and jars villages “Qatanqvr, was Bardahnakhshinah and Kyvhrash the” Bukan embraced.

Thursday 28 July  , a large proportion of grasslands and forests Abidar, Khezre zendeh, Kani mamatkah and Haft Asyab, was burned yesterday, while much of the surrounding forest fire is Salvatabad near the city of Sanandaj.

Thursday 28 July  , downhill  the waste water in the Lake, it drains belonging to industrial networks and into Lake Urmia is mixed with chemicals.

Friday 29 July  , drinking water becomes muddy Saqez neighborhood settlements and this has caused concern to residents of the city. Has not yet muddy the cause of turbidity in drinking water and waste water department, the city authorities were not accountable to citizens.

29 July  in the Strait of dark forests and meadows with fire was Dalahoo.

29 July  because of the Javanrood East Kurdistan Shamameh fire and smoke caused by fire, breathing was difficult for sick people and children and the elderly with respiratory and physical problems faced.

More fires in forests and pastures around the city  of Salmas in flames. Citizens living in this area, mortars rain area police said the cause of fire.

The fire on the mountain Mola Ghazi and Gholeh Emam , Musk Marivan forests, tens of hectares of forest were burnt.

In Gilan Gharb of the province of Krmanshah more than 20 hectares of forest and pasture was burnt. It should be noted that if this fire is also a victim.

About 50 hectares of orchards and wheat fields in the village Piroozeh Valadbigi Javanroud in the fire; and 30 hectares of wheat and Grdbn Prairie Village Kileh Sypan Khanal in Piranshahr was also burnt.

Gilan Gharb forests still on fire and damages are estimated to be more than 200 hectares.

Other human rights violations

Monday 4 July, after two innocent civilians killing the Kurdish citizens by the army and protests, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards In an arbitrary village, “Gvyzly” Sardasht functions, stormed the village’s residents had to leave.

Saturday, Persian date July 9 1, a young woman 32 years old and living in Bijar and has a wife and two sons because of extreme poverty and family disputes has committed suicide and died.

Saturday 9 July, 35 students from the suburb of Sanandaj, the lack of schools and school Naysr excluded from education.

Monday 11 July Guard, Basij women, intelligence, government experts in the Islamic Republic of Iran Bukan rally, demanding the government stop dealing with their dress.

Monday 11 July, 21-year-old girl named “R. M “resident of Baharestan Saqez hanged herself and lost her life.

Friday,15 July, 19-year-old called Ehsan Yeganeh from the village of”Sekani” of city functions Oshnaveieh in her father’s home was hanged hisself with a rope.

Sunday 17 July, when President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s Kermanshah province, three civilians Kurdish Faith Yarsan, his cry out in protest chanted sew their lips.

Tuesday, 19 July, 10-year-old youth in the city of Sanandaj, a resident of one of the marginal areas of the city with the name Kani Kuzaleh ended his life.

4 July, 33-year-old Fouad Ahadi committed suicide in his father’s house.

Prevention and threat biker girl in Marivan and arrested them and called one of the young protesters by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zanyar Khosravi.

Increase the marriage of girls aged 7 to 11 in one of the villages of Khoy of the province Urmia and disregard of the authorities to the situation of children and expectant mother.

Jila Daneshvar 23-year-old young girl Marivan in Kurdistan province due to the prohibition of her education, by his family committed suicide.

Thursday 14 July, administrators and security of Qorveh, including the governor of the city, the Friday prayer leader and intelligence forces, heavy equipment such as bulldozers and loaders with multiple devices, attempted to destroy the graves of those killed in the 60’s in Qorveh and year and around that the “Khavaran Qorveh” was known.

Monday 18 July, Jalal Javanmard son of Rasoul by the intelligence services of the Islamic Republic in Mahabad after a day under torture and physical abuse loses his life.

Sunday 24 July, 23-year-old girl was killed with an ax by her father.

“Friday 22 July, Parisa Ramezani” 5-year-old son of Rahman in Mhabad, after the operation “Circumcision” This child suffered severe bleeding and the situation is reported in critical condition in a hospital in Urmia is hospitalized.

Monday, 25 July, the Office of Sanandaj Guidance for no reason, the celebration of poetry and literary story writing activists are working long held the evening of poetry prevented.

Tuesday 26 July, request permission to set up a literary cultural center “Lack” in Payame Noor University Kermanshah were opposed.

In recent months houses at least 18 civilians in Urmia Mergoor, 9 people in Anzal and three in Svmay Brados homes have been confiscated.It is said that these people obtain mortgages and construction in various villages entitled “Hadi plan”, in which they had lived But due to lack of employment opportunities and lack of sufficient income, no ability to repay the loan installments.

Friday 29 July 1395 Solar, a teenager named Parsam Azizi from Sanandaj because of heat exhaustion transferred to a hospital in Sanandaj, in the hospital because of wrong injection of income into an induced coma and lost his life.

Biker girl on the move “Tuesday Paak” took the third week of this month in the city of Marivan Islamic Republic security forces also prevent women and girls athlete some of the cyclists who had to continue to participate in a day without a car, was arrested.

Thursday 28 July, cultural officials in Kurdistan province held a literary circle in Marivan opposed declaimed poems and stories.

Saturday 30 July, Boukani 18 year old girl living in Amirabad city of Bukan information by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and he was rapt to one of the poultry farms around the Bukan Islamic Republic of Iran by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards member had been sexually assaulted.

Saturday  19 July  near the sunset a child 10 years old resident of Sanandaj in Kurdistan East  in one of the suburban districts and slums (Kani Kuzaleh) When only been at home with his mother scarves hanging and his life will end.

Tuesday, July 12, at 7 am a young boy from the bridge Molla Vaisy Sanandaj to his suicide dropped and lost his life.

At the end of the East Kurdistan, Kurdistan Human Rights Association that wants to try to make diligent in their rights all forms of discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Kurdish nation to the world their rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association .