Detailed Human Rights violations in East Kurdistan , (April 2016)

Monthly statistics , statistics of human rights violations , Human Rights Kurdistan , human rights violations statistical report.

The human rights situation in April 2016 coincided with Friday , Persian date  Farvardin 13 to Saturday persian date , Ordibehesht 11 in East Kurdistan , Kurdistan Human Rights Association efforts , citing numerous reports of Human Rights Organizations in East Kurdistan and Iran collected.

Is worth noting the report for failing to allow the Iranian government to organizations of human rights groups report is not complete and systematic violations of human rights in East Kurdistan only part of it depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights , freedom of opinion and expression , violations of the rights to life and personal security , government discrimination , disrespect and disregard for the fundamental rights of citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners , prisoners months ended investigated.

Article 5 : No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel inhuman or degrading punishment or method of contract .

The second paragraph adds , Article 19 : Everyone has the right to freedom of expression : this right includes , freedom to seek , receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds , regardless of frontiers , print as a form of art , or his choices.

Article 22 is also bulging anyone as a member of society has the right to social security and through national effort and cooperation.

international organization and resources of each country , inalienable rights economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own personality , acquired , and in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel inhuman or regarding punishment or method of contract.

In accordance with recognized international conventions on human rights and political and social rights of human society , the individual and society is entitled to political rights , social economic and cultural demands and attempt to restore it, no congregation or a groups superiority over another and everyone must benefit from natural law and recognized.

Currently , more than 50 political activists and prisoners of conscience in Iranian jails Kurdish and Kurdistan East , the vast majority are waiting execution.

During this month report on the execution of four Kurdish prisoners in Orumieh prison East Kurdistan announced , but according to  reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Kurdish political prisoners in Iranian prisons for different crimes can not be executed and the media executions and the executions of the Islamic Republic not announced .

Dawn Tuesday Farvardin 31 , inside the prison authorities in the area ( sea) Orumieh  sentenced to death four people named : Majid Moradi , Ahmad Mohi , Ali Sarian and Mansour Raziani run..

The prisoners were executed on drug charges .

On Tuesday Ordibehesht 7 , Saman Naseem and Mohammad Abdollahi execution of Kurdish political prisoners , were summoned to Hosseinieh prison of Orumieh sea and the warden told them in the presence of staff work status of  the execution is red and the only thing you can do , is seeking clemency .

Arrest , Summons , Sentencing , Profiling

In this month – one in East Kurdistan arrested and summoned to court and security centres or sentence is for the citizens.

Friday , Farvardin 13 Miaad Ahmadi civil rights activists from Sanandaj , was arrested at his home by security forces after 24 hours of interrogation at the detention centre in Sanandaj Central Prison information office news headquarters is relocated to this city.

The ministry of information Sanandaj activists have attempted to summon Soheila Mohammadi.

Saturday , Farvardin 14, a Kurdish student called Vafa Azarbar from the city of Mahabad in East Kurdistan on changes of acting against the Islamic Republic , was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment .

Sunday Farvardin 15- a sentence of three years for Pirooz zadgan brothers , the people of East Kurdistan Kurdish Houshang and Mohammad Pirooz zadgan of two brothers who were arrested in October last year by the city of Orumieh Revolutionary Court on charges  of acting against national security and sentenced to life in prison respectively.

Monday Farvardin 16, Nasreddin Dalai Milan, Maku , who was arrested by security forces lata Autumn last year on charges of collaborating with with parties is Kurdestani to 6 months in prison.

Thursday Farvardin 19, the fate of Poshtivan Nehroi young Kurd from Bane that in December last year , was arrested by the security Forces Intelligent Bureau in still not known.

Saturday Farvardin 21 , called Soheila Mohammadi a Sanandaj court and defend her trial for participating in a campaign to collect signature to save Connie Bell and Bell Spring.

Saturday Frvardin 21, called Soheila Mohammadi a Sanandaj court defend her trial for participating in a campaign to collect  five thousand signatures to save Connie Bell and Bell Spring.

Farvardin 24, by security officiall of above three brothers , Afshin , Saeed, Hamed Heidarzadeh were arrested

Saturday Farvardin 28, a member of the teachers Union in Sanandaj named Tahir Ghaderzadeh to in imprisonment for three months and one day he was sentenced.

Wednesday Ordibehesht First, city  of Naghadeh, Luqman Bulki , sons of Ali and Islam Mostafapour sons of Mamnd in order to bear 11 and 6 years in prison.

Friday Ordibehesht 3, appeals court in East Kurdistan city of Sanandaj sentence of six years and one day in prison , Ali Hossein panahi’s Kurdish teacher from Dehgolan is confirmed.

Tuesday Ordibehesht 7 , Aso Rostami was summoned to branch 3 , the court of appeal.

Wednesday Ordibehesht 8 , security forces in Naghadeh East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence arrested the son of Ahmad , Shahab Ahmadi Azar, the Kurdish citizen has been arrested several times previously .

Thursday Ordibehesht 9 , the forces in a raid on the home of news Bukan information administration Afsaneh Bayazidi daughter of Abubakr , she was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Thursday Ordibehesht 9 , Shahab Ahmadi Azar son of Ahmad was arrested at his house in one of the neighborhoods in Naghadeh . He was in charge of the ministry of information of the Islamic Republic of Iran Plainclothes been arrested.

Thursday Ordibehesht 9 , ( 7) citizen ignorance of the situation  : Saman Ronama , Reza Ezat Taj , Vali Sharifi , Saber Rasoulpour , Mohammad Royan , Faruk Shafahi and other citizens were arrested in March last year and so far no news.

Friday Ordibehesht 10 , Saman Ghaderi Azar the Kurdish people Kurdistan East Bukanian that 23 December last year was arrested , detained and his family know nothing of their fate.

Friday Ordibehesht 10 , Abdullah Barkhan forces earlier and was sent to solitary confinement , after the court was sentenced to one year in prison and therefore was transferred to the general ward of the Marivan prison.


384 Kurdish political prisoners in Iranian prisons already are imprisoned Kurdistan East.

In this month of violated prisoners rights including torture , untreated Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand , Zeinab Jalalian, Afshin Sohrabzadeh, Kayvan Davoudi, Ali Reza Rasouli, Ramezan Ahmad Kamal, Ayoub Asadi and Kurdish prisoners are being treated with neglect of judicial authorities face.

The new sentence and more like a few months ago has continued and the following years.

Friday Farvardin 13, Osman Mostafapour the Kurdish political prisoner in prison due to the loss or destruction of court records. His sentence increased from 25 years to 35 years. This political prisoners in Orumieh prison for 25 years without time off their sentences passing through.

Monday Farvardin 23, be of the principle of separation of crimes , two Kurdish political prisoners named Mostafa Sabzi and Ali Yeganeh 13 Orumieh Central Prison serious crimes by several prisoners were attacked and severely injured by sharp.

Sunday Farvardin 29 , Mohammad Amin Aghushy and Iraj Mohammadi two political prisoners in prison, charged with disturbing the prison court in the city were charged , the two prison because prison officials objected to his status as disturbing prison and accused prosecutors file them in court in Tabriz branch 7 is made up.

Sunday Farvardin 29, announcing hunger strike to protest the neglect of Ramezan Ahmad Kamal medical treatment by the prison authorities in Rajai Shahr Tehran.

Sunday Farvardin 29, due to lack of hospital treatment outside the prison, Afshin Sohrabzadeh in the Central prison of Minab sew his lips, on hunger strike in prison deterioration of the situation their physical condition and lack of accountability for prison officials in the days after the strike .

Monday Farvardin 30, denial of medical treatment in hospital outside the prison for political prisoners Kurd Ayoub Asadi suffered a herniated disk and sent to the prison in the city of justice prevents.

Thursday Ordibehesht 2 beat Hassan kamal Ramezan the Kurdish political prisoner jailed in Orumieh prison following a verbal clash with one of the prison guards , the prison guards and the head of were severely beaten , and violently of this nose and neck were damaged. After beating as he was hand cuffed and shackled in solitary confinement.

Friday Ordibehesht 3 , untreated, leave and family visit , Kamal Sharifi , journalist and political activist exiled in Minab prison serving out his prison conditions that leave was denied eighth year and in all these years only once chance to meet with their  parents and have been experiencing mobility problems.

Saturday Ordibehesht 4 , untreated and leave after 22 years in prison, Mohammad Nazari , political prisoners and the sick prisoners in Rajai Shahr Karaj prison who spent twenty second year of his sentence in prison , because of vague and ambiguous process so far without leave office and medical treatment in abandoned.

Saturday Ordibehesht 4 , Mahabad prison , a very undesirable situation in Mahabad prison medical facilities and lack of medical staff hours of sick prisoners is faced with many problems.

Thursday Ordibehesht 9 , 500 strikers imprisoned in Mahabad prison , because of constraints in Mahabad prison, especially because of the behavior of the head and the judge over seeing the prison for prisoners “demands ” this exercise has caused a public outcry now nearly five hundred taken prisoner , Not deliver the food to the prisoners afternoon April 28 and officially declared a general strike in prison.

Friday Ordibehesht 10, Omid Rahmani of financial crimes Orumieh Central Prison prisoners to protest their situation and lack of account ability on hunger strike yesterday and today plaster cast, his head. After the action by prison authorities he was transferred to solitary confinement. The prisoners are estimated to be worrying situation .

Friday Ordibehesht 10, political prisoner Mohammad Amin Agushy fifth Ordibehesht 1395 in Tabriz Central prison hunger strike. His hunger strike to protest prison conditions and called for the return to prison of Zahedan.

Workers and Unions reports of violations of workers right in this month.

According too reports receiving by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association of about (1646) workers dismissed from their jobs in the months and five major industrial companies have closed.

In this month because of non payment of their wages, many workers have been in very bad living conditions.

In recent months , closing border crossing businessmen in the cities of Sardasht, Marivan, Piranshahr in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran , Shopkeepers and businessmen wave of protests that followed and led to general strikes , as well as many shops were closed.

Close the borders and border crossing by the Islamic Republic of Iran and avoid livelihood businessmen in East Kurdistan could be heavy blow East Kurdistan in flict irreparable people.

However it is estimated that about 20 thousand and households in these areas can businessman and livelihood , jobcenters in East Kurdistan due to lack work caused many of them to migrate to other regions will be.

In early April about 500 contract workers experienced labor contract textile factory in Borujerd for the year 1395  was not renewed .

According to reports from the factory to reduce current expenses in the first half of the workers have been fired.

During the third and fourth days of April more than 100 workers in Sanandaj East because of redundancy , and not renewing contracts for the year 1395 was to protest against the Governor of Kurdistan.

More than 100 workers in April eight day Khorramabad Parsilon Factory to get their rights and demands , but none of the officials  have gathered in front of Governor Khorramabad , Lorestan governor did not respond to them.

Saturday morning , April fourteenth on the first working day on direct orders from Kermanshah Governor, governor of Qasr-e shirin six employees who were laid of in the cooperative organization of municipalities in the province were in the Qasr-e shirin.

Industrial development in the fifteenth day of April factory in the industrial zone Sarpolzahab closing down factories fired workers. The Company’s co- owners of property illegally and secretly taken out of the company.

On the eight of April , a group of staff services in Ilam Cultural Heritage Administration to eight years and stay so low legal basis as well as non payment of premium six month stay at the office and called the complaints and the demands and the demands were gathered.

On the same day a group of so called housing applicants to Mehr period of three years for the delivery of housing in Ilam, Ilam money to the Department of Housing and Urban Development have paid and housing still not been delivered , in protest to this issue at the Department of Hosing and Urban Development Region gathered and were willing to settle this issue.

A group of workers and employees in the city Wednesday morning Paveh the eighteenth of April in protest against living conditions and lack of attention to employment issues at the site known as Shohada Square Paveh governor, gathered and were willing an investigation into the problems.

Farvardin 19 and 20 about five hundred textile factory workers Boroujerd contract was not renewed , and about half of Boroujerd textile workers lost their jobs.

Development Besat staff contracting company has a contract with Telecom Ilam at the company called to Heydari gathered in the streets and the right to non payment of six months salary and a feast day of 19 Farvardin protested.

A group of workers and employees of Ilam Municipality to protest the non payment of feast years 1395 and 1394 and a few months to record premiums were gathered and called for demands.

On the same day a group of bus drivers Ilam determined to protest the low wages paid monthly salaries as well as Ilam , Kermanshah gathered at the site of organization on the road.

On Wednesday and Thursday Farvardin 19, Aystk Kurdistan factory workers because of redundancy and not renew contracts for the 1395 gathered across from government protestation.

It should be noted that iron molding factory workers Qorveh also fired 400 workers closed the company stated.

Thursday evening , April nineteenth year , Yahya Ahmadnejad elementary school students Gerdovan village of Orumieh function with fire arms in took his own life. He Dvlpsan from the village 25 years of experience in education and schools have Orumieh region.

On Saturday Farvardin 20, government officials in Saqez in a lawsuit quotes anti labor measures to close in a sugar factory in the town of Saqez were Zakaria. the action that the unit is working 250 workers jobless.

Piranshahr sugar factory workers held a protest unpaid salaries and the demands of their backward gathered from 1394.

In Ilam , group of employees of state television in protest on the morning of Sunday Farvardin 22, to protest unpaid overtime at 5 months to finance organization was held in the street called Beheshti.

In Sanandaj group of workers of West Daneh  morning Sunday Farvardin 22, to protest the non payment rights and the right not to give three months work experience at the company’s 1394 Abidar gathered in the street were willing to take their demands.

In Kamyaran protest in a group of workers Shaho morning Monday Farvardin 23 to protest the non payment of two months to five kilometers of road in the town of Marivan was held Kamyaran.

den 29 juli

In Saqez protest in a group of workers of Asoplastt the morning of Monday Farvardin 23 to protest the non payment to bonuses month of Esfand the right to record and held the unit in place.

In Ilam a group of municipal service workers a morning of Monday Farvardin 23, to protest the their demands about five months unpaid is not deposited in the municipal area to protest even began.

In Rawansar group of workers and employees in the production of cookies Gazal morning of Monday Farvardin 23, to the protest the non payment of premiums last year and as well as annual bonuses in 1394 in the industrial town Rawansar to protest and they were willing to respond to problems.

In Qorveh group of workers protest in front of the governor’s Zagros steel plant to protest dismissal and job uncertainty , the workers two years Zagros steel plant sorts of excuses in the past, situation remained uncertain and ever the last two years in the House and in front of Ministry  of Labour and the governor of Kurdistan have been held and called for an investigation into complaints even according to government workers for forced labor and illegal , have been fired.

Nalus municipal workers in the city of protest the non payment Oshnavieh of the province of west Azarbaijan stopped their rights and in front of the agency gathered on Tuesday Farvardin 25.

Porters and Maine

Portage is illegal false employment and livelihood for the people of Kurdistan East are forced to do it. Porters life are very difficult and dangerous on the other hand carry a heavy load on the one hand the Islamic Republic of Iran to the border troops are shooting at them. For heavy duty porters are suffering from various diseases because of the population have short lives. Provided that who are not shot and killed or injured if they do not.

This month , the previous month’s like porters was reported killed and wounded.

In the first event the young porter 22, from Baneh lost their lives due to floods.

Another event in the month of April porter from Salmas Behzad Kamali was killed by border troops. Similarly on April 14 another man was shot and seriously wounded porter was.

In East Kurdistan security forces in an ambush in the area Dezli 4 rapt Kurdish entrepreneur who up until now their fate remains unknown.

Last month countrymen strike most important event in the cities of Marivan, Baneh, Sardasht and Piranshahr border that was closed due to strike forced the government to report the borders in some cities , but the situation is the still the same is true in some boundaries and borders have remained closed.

This year ‘s landmine explosion began to sacrifice the Kurd , the Islamic Republic of Iran has always planting mines used for security reasons but the mine has endangered the security of the region and people are daily victims of this policy.

Since the beginning of the new 6 cases mine explosion in the Qasr-e Sirin report that a large number wounded and large financial damage is noticed local people.

In Dehloran of mine is the woman with the shock wave and sent her to hospital.

On the border between South and East Kurdistan five tourists were injured due to the explosion of a mine launchers two of them were children and hospital.

At the end of this month , dominated the explosion of a landmine left by the war in the city of Qasr -e Shirin led to the shock wave 2 people. During the incident bulldozer owned mines in the path of Qasr-e Shirin Khosroabad, Khosravi border post in the centre of city with the mine’s functions after the explosion were the driver and passenger suffered a shock wave.

During the 8 years Iran- Iraq war have been planted mines sized 14 million , most of which is located between the South and East Kurdistan Islamic government of Iran has never been the slightest attempt to clear areas of landmines has done.

In the field of health and environment reports were released this month. Most of the news reports this month that follows.

Burning reeds Zaribar Lake in Marivan and lack of capacity rooted device.

Ordibehesht 2, environment disaster downhill hundreds of fuel to Sirvan river.

Ordibehesht 7, drinking water contaminated Islamabad Gharb to new virus Rock.

Non- potable water is turbid cities of Harsin, Khorramabad and Islamabad.

Due to the increased dust more than 56 thousand hectares of forests have dried Ilam from 10 to 100 percent.

Other Cases

A 10 years old girl called Leila from Divandarreh functions hanged herself.

Saturday Farvardin 14, a working citizen in the basement of his home in the town of Saqez committed suicide . The identity of the worker (ع) is declared married.

On Farvardin 18, 2 young girls called Kali Azizi 18 years and Leila Jalali 23 years in Silvana committed suicide.

Saturday Farvardin 21 , 17 years old girl called Delshad was killed by his brother.

Frustrated youth from the village of Gyaran and Bavan are the functions of Urmia.

Two young sons ages 16 and 18 years in the villages Bybkran and Orsy committed suicide by hanging Urmia city functions. The identity of these two young men Abdullah Jahan and Abdulkarim Amiri.

Farvardin 21, Yahya Ahmadnejad  experienced teacher and elementary school vice Gerdovan village committed suicide.

On Farvardin 31, Khaled M from Saqez himself hanged.

Farvardin 24, Maryam from Yarli village functions of Mahabad immolated.

Shekofeh Fathabadi 13 years of Lorestan lost their live because of the negligence of doctors.

Farvardin 25, MS. Khadijeh Moradi 28 years from Kanidinar the self immolation of Marivan functions.

12 years old teenager Chalab village of functions Yasukand Hasanabad lost their lives due to wrong injection.

Friday Ordibehesht 10, young 23 years old committed suicide in Marivan.

Friday Ordibehesht 10, suicide of a woman in Kermanshah.

At the end of the East Kurdistan, Kurdistan Human Rights Association that wants to try to make diligent in their rights all forms of discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Kurdish nation to the world their rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association .

1/ 5/ 2016