Understanding Terrorism triangle Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in deadly attacks on Rojava

According to reports, Kurdistan Human Rights Associations Syrian government attacks on the city of Hasaka in Rojava Kurdistan in a large number of civilians lost their lives or been injured.

Hasaka city in the canton island is located in Rojava Kurdistan. A large part of the city during the months of fighting, occupied by People’s Protection Units of the Islamic State was withdrawn. Hasaka joint settlement of Kurds, Arabs and Christians.

Syrian regime forces on the morning of 20 August the newly liberated areas of the city with a variety of

heavy weapons attacked. In the meantime the fighter planes flying in the sky Hasaka were bombed.

According to Y.P.G and Y.P.ZH forces of Iran and Hezbollah forces in these attacks alongside Bashar Asad forces have bombarded Hasaka.

The names of four of the children dead in the attacks 6-year-old Haidar Fouad,  8-year-old Laurence Salem, Donya Salem 5-year and 8-year-old Safyan Salem been announced.

Hasaka residential areas have been cannonade. The exact death toll from indigenous sources say the number of dead and injured is not.

Kurdistan Human Rights Associations condemned the military attack Asad, Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran the Kurdish nation  such conditions that all repressive countries in the region to try to prevent the consolidation of the achievements of Rojava their ranks are more committed and strong.

As well as the United Nations, members of the World Coalition against the Asad regime and international terrorism, Doctors Without Borders and charitable organizations also sent medical supplies to treat the wounded and wants to create an air barrier in Rojava future attacks on security forces and waging war Rojava prevent.

Kurdistan Human Rights Associations.