BBC Persians insult to the Kurdish nation

The Persian service of the BBC, Sunday 21 August, are broadcast live 18,00 hours, the victims of a bomb blast at Ghazi antab wedding nearly two million people and one of the most important economic hubs tribal region considered and footnotes the news stories.

In Persian, the use of the word as undermining or non-modern tribal people used it in a Persian word meaning Dehkhoda tribe to tribe. At the same dictionary states that the nomadic way of life is different and separate from the living of urban and rural environment. And introduces them migrant ranchers.

Many international news agencies to the plight of the Kurds in favor of the victims of the Peoples Democratic Party introduced. Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) like all other people in the world have their own nationality.

Encyclopaedia Britannica in 2004 on the definition of nation states that “a limited group of ethnic, cultural and ethnic people living in a geographic area are called.”English dictionary Kalnyz “human groups which features ethnic, religious, linguistic and other features common” defines the nation. In international human rights law during the historical evolution of a large single man who created and shared on the basis of territory and history and national culture is based is called a nation.


Although none of the global authoritative encyclopedias based on clans of the victims do not offer,Not, BBC News with the use of the word tribe is also in contradiction with international definitions and inconsistent with the human rights provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of international declaration of the rights and human rights and all nations acted.

The Kurdistan Human Rights has condemned the action by the news agency BBC’s Persian service of officials of the agency to act on human rights and those of other nations, nor contempt and ridicule those who do not adhere affairs reporter sacked or given a serious warning.

Kurdistan Human Rights Associations.