The lives of three prisoners are in danger of execution

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the lives of three prisoners sentenced to death are in danger of being executed.
According to the information received, the details of these three prisoners, Jafar Ismaili, Osman Sahraei and Saado Armand from Urmia, have been mentioned.
These three citizens were sentenced to death in 1989 in a murder case. These three people along with Mir Ali Hosseini and Peyman Babakhani
Who were sentenced to death in Iran Prison in Urmia on Tuesday, March 15, were transferred to solitary confinement and are currently in quarantine.
It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has the highest number of executions in relation to its population in the world, and hundreds of people are executed annually on political charges as well as drug-related crimes and murder.

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