Women and children prisoners in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to reports by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , the number of women imprisoned in the women’s ward Mahabad prison, nearly 50 female prisoners that a number of children under three years in the women’s ward held in Orumiyeh Central Prison has about 300 prisoners woman According to Human Rights Association received the news , 100 of them are facing death sentence, more than 30 female prisoners in Sanandaj prison there.

The report said that the number of female prisoners Diesel Abad prison in Kermanshah due to lack of cell in the corridors and other places of detention are kept, so the exact number of which is based on the report cells with a capacity of 3 people in these 7 people is held.

In this regard, government officials prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently announced that the population of prisoners in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran 287 on the scale of 100 thousand, and 64% of prisoners in Iran are married, and more than 90,000 of them have two or more children are also 70% prisoners are under 40 years of age and Iranian prisons capacity of 88 thousand 223 thousand, which is now the political geography of prison.

It should be noted that the scale of prisoners on the basis of population in the world, at 168 prisoners per 100 thousand people, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as the eighth country in the world to dedicate also in terms of population and the number of executions in recent years Republic Iran leads the world in dedicated and it should be noted that many of the prisoners in the detention of the Islamic Republic of Iran kept the population in statistics presented officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not acted upon many human rights activists on the that number is much higher prisoners The statistics provided by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association