The transfer of water from Lorestan to Qom province has led to the drainage of the Aligudarz underground waters.

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Qomrud project caused irreparable damages in the course of water transmission, causing drought in groundwater and the loss of more than a thousand hectares of gardens and farms in Lorestan province.

Thirst and dehydration in 16 villages of Aligudarz have caused the migration of villagers. The project, which transports 181 million cubic meters of water annually to Qom province and central areas, not only provides drinking water to Qom province but also provides pistachio gardens and industries in the province.

The transfer of the sweet waters of east Kurdistan to the central and desert regions of Iran was on the agenda of the former Islamic republics and it is evident that the environmental disasters have caused the transfer of these waters and Non-expert dams sediments in eastern Kurdistan Has brought environmental disaster.

In other words, the desertification of these provinces and the hunger and unemployment of Kurdish , Lor, Laks and Laks in these areas, and compulsory migration to work and living in the central and central parts of Iran, The program ominous which is hidden and slow It implements program.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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