A Kurdish young arrest by the security forces of Orumieh

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Saturday 8 July 2017, a person named Shamseddin Alizadeh, 18, living in the Mirabad Orumieh neighborhood of east Kurdistan, was arrested by the security forces of the city at his workplace and transferred to an unknown location.

According to the report, he has been arrested on charges of political and communicating with opposition parties Kurdi. He was also informed that his detention was in connection with the Kurdish parties and his intention to leave the country, while not arresting him at the border areas, but his arrest at his place of work, with a beating and without any documents. Judiciary has been taken.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has kept individuals in custody and without trial for months at the security forces before proving any charges against the detainees and is forced to use the most severe torture to continue its policies in eastern Kurdistan and this is one of the most flagrant violations of human rights, as stated in Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: No one should be held in custody, imprisonment or arbitrary deportation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association