In a Turkish military attack 60 civilians were killed

Turkish media, including state TV station TRT, are reporting that 60 people have been killed in a basement in the Kurdish district Cizre.
State-run TV channel TRT has reported breaking news claiming that Turkish state forces conducted an operation in a basement in Cizre this evening (7 Feb) resulting in “some 60 terrorists being neutralised”.
Local sources reported sounds of huge explosions from the area between 5-6 pm this evening, but no sounds of clashes. Turkish media reported heavy clashes.
At least 30 people have been trapped in the basement of a building in Cizre for the past 16 days. 6 of the people died due to blood loss. It has been 9 days since contact was made with the wounded people.
9 people were burnt to death and one child was shot by state forces in another basement a few days ago. There has been no contact with the trapped people for 2 days.
Peoples’ Democratic Party MP Faysal Sariyildiz, who has been in Cizre since the latest martial lockdown was declared 65 days ago talked to Kurdish TV channel Stêrk TV and said, “There were two large explosions 2 hours ago. Then this claim was made by the media. The people in the building had told us two days ago that apart from the 9 people who had died in the fire caused by state forces and the child who was shot, there were another 52 people there. It looks like this is the building the media is talking about. We don’t have any concrete information. But this kind of savagery could be true. All we wanted was for people to be taken to hospital. If this claim is true then this is a massacre.”

The killing of civilians, as well as the economic and military siege of the area is in conflict with the provisions of international human rights standards, therefore Kurdistan Human Rights Association  wants the Turkish government to stop immediately its military aggression against Nora Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association