Aram Fathi re-arrested by security forces

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, “Aram Fathi”, a civil activist from Marivan, was arrested Again by I.R.Iran’s security forces.
According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Iranian government’s security and intelligence forces arrested him in his personal home.
According to reliable sources, a group of seven people raided the house of this civil activist in East Kurdistan and after searching the house, arrested him and confiscated his personal belongings.
It’s rumored that he was arrested in the city of Marivan due to a complaint from an Iranian military family.

The family went to the court of the Iranian government in the Marivan and they refused to answer and referred them to the office called ‘places’. Also the Places Office has evaded accountability and they have returned to court.
In conversation with Fathi’s family, the Iranian government prosecutor pressured them to force Aram to cooperate with them.
Aram Fathi is a poet, civil activist and student at Payam-Noor University of Marivan and a member of the literary activist “molavi” and “Vajin”.
It’s noteworthy that he has been arrested several times by the Iranian government’s security and intelligence agencies over the past few years.